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Museum of Amsterdam Illusions!

A three-minute walk from Dam Square, in the heart of the city, you will find the Museum of Amsterdam Illusions!

Here at the Museum of Amsterdam Illusions we take great pleasure in our work. We find it incredibly exciting to explore how the human eyes and brain work together to show us the world.

An illusion is...

Optical illusions are images or objects that deceive the "vision" of your brain. Surely each and every one of you has been amazed by illusions at least once? You might have been sure a dress was blue in color, while others argued it was white. Or perhaps you thought a picture was moving, when in fact it was not. Our eyes often play tricks on us, and here at Amsterdam Illusion we became curious: why does our brain show us what is not really there?

You'll find the answers and explanations at the Museum of Amsterdam Illusions.

For example…
How can it be that you see a shape that doesn't exist?

Your brain often fills in the gaps to create shapes from separate lines. For example, you take a look at an image - and see a rectangle immediately. However, it might be that you are actually looking at multiple stripes filling an outlined space - it only looks like an image of a solid rectangle. But is it really a rectangle? As a matter of fact, it’s not!

For centuries, human vision has been deceived by wall paintings, reverse perspectives, and images that confuse the brain in various ways. We would love to tell you more about these optical illusion mysteries, and would be delighted to see you come by!

No long queues at the entrance! Get to know the Netherlands from a new dimension- a trip along the canals of Amsterdam in a shoe-boat, and many other adventures that tell a story of Dutch history. The Museum of Amsterdam Illusions makes a great excursion for the whole family! Both schoolkids and younger children will love it here- the museum is fun, informative, and great value for money too!

Amazing 3D art exhibits immerse you in a unique and fascinating story of Dutch history and culture - right up to modern-day Amsterdam. Our museums are open in the USA, Spain, Russia... and now the Netherlands! Yay!

What is it?

A unique chance to learn something new about our country - right in the center of Amsterdam! Are you curious to find out what it is that makes our small country so special? We have prepared a lot of interesting facts for you!

But the most important element of our 3D art exhibits is YOU!

For whom?

Families, students, preschoolers, schoolkids, professional and amateur photographers... In fact, anybody and everybody will love their visit to the Museum of Amsterdam Illusions!

How much?

Our prices are pleasantly surprising.

But unforgettable moments are priceless!

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Adults (from 12 years old) – 13 euro.

Kids (5-12 years old) – 11 euro.

Kids younger than 5 years old are welcome for free!


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Dreaming about crazy adventure? Than is our VIP-arrangement just perfect for you. Personall photoshoot, made by professional photographer. He will edit your pictures and send them the same day to your e-mail.

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Kids (5-12 years old) – 18 euro.

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